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'True Blood' season 7: Carrie Preston teases Arlene's new love interest

Carrie Preston teases more about the new vampire entering her life.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

"True Blood" is preparing for its final season on HBO, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on one of the new characters set to arrive this season. On March 14, E! Online shared new comments made by Carrie Preston about the new vampire coming into her life. Riley Smith will join the series as a vampire that will fall for Arlene.

Arlene definitely had a rough season five. Terry died in arms after being shot. Of course, he was behind his own shooting, and he prepared a life insurance policy for Arlene in advance. Will Arlene be ready for the entrance of a new man into her life? Preston teased the following to E! Online:

I haven't met Riley Smith yet, but he is certainly very talented and I'm really looking forward to working with him and seeing what the writers do with that storyline. We do know that Arlene has not been the most open-minded person throughout the series, so I myself am curious to see how open she lets her mind go.

Production on the final season has already started, so it is a bit surprising that Preston has not met Riley Smith yet. He could pop up on one of the later episodes set to air this season. Could he show up in Bon Temps just in time to give Arlene's character the happy ending she deserves after all the troubles she has gone through during the run of the series?

"True Blood" will return to HBO with season seven in June.

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