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True Blood Season 3: 'I smell a rat'

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer star in 'True Blood'
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer star in 'True Blood'

After Russell's spectacular meltdown on national television last week, the thing on everyone's mind was "How will Alan Ball possibly top that?"  Well, never underestimate the master.

Bill revealed to Sookie that she's a fairy, to which she responded, "A fairy?  How f**king lame."  But she soon changed her tune when Bill told her every supernatural he knows believes fairies were wiped out of existence by vampires, apparently because fairy blood is "the most delicious."

Long-suffering Tara was finally free of psycho vampire Franklin, but was back to despair after Jason confessed to her that he killed Eggs while serving her breakfast in bed. Let's hope Jason wasn't daft enough to include eggs on the menu.

Sam seemed to become more and more vicious, having flashbacks about his thieving past and killing the people who betrayed him. 

Meanwhile, Eric was occupied with drafting his Last Will and Testament, fearing the wrath of Russell, who has gone off the deep end and abandoned his grand mansion after Eric killed Talbot, Russell's lover of 700 years.  Russell went so far as killing a male hustler in his delusional way of saying a proper goodbye to Talbot.

Sookie ignored Eric's warning to distrust Bill, after Bill confessed his true love to her. Tara still certainly doesn't trust Bill, after he nearly killed Sookie by draining her of most of her blood.

Jesus suddenly had a change of heart and tried his first (?) hit of V with Lafayette, which took them both on a colorful trip to visit Jesus' ancestors. Something tells me there was some profound meaning there, since most humans do V to enhance sexual pleasure.

Hoyt confessed his love for Jessica, then was attacked by Tommy, who shape-shifted into a pit bull.   Hoyt had to drink Jessica's blood to survive.  Does this mean he's hers now for better or worse?

And for the first time, Jason banished Bill from his house, then encountered a black panther upstairs.  Everyone expected it to be Crystal, but Jason's reaction was something nobody saw coming: "Mama?"

There are only two episodes left this season. Let's hope Bill and the fairies can rescue Sookie from Eric's dungeon before Russell and Sophie-Anne turn her into a vampire fairy, or worse, lunch.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Any prediction for the Season 3 finale?


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