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True Blood scene not for the faint of heart

True Blood - Season 3 - Nelsan Ellis and Kevin Alejandro
True Blood - Season 3 - Nelsan Ellis and Kevin Alejandro
HBO ©2010

Up until recently the cast of the acclaimed HBO vampire drama True Blood has been rather tight-lipped about leaking spoilers to the press about the upcoming fourth season. However, with the debut first episode only a little over a month away, the star-studded cast has begun to drop increasingly juicy morsels into our laps, relentlessly teasing die-hard fans into a renewed bloodlust. Recently actor Kevin Alejandro, who plays Lafayette's (Nelsan Ellis) spicy latin lover Jesus, mentioned to TV Guide a particularly gruesome scene that will be sure to make even the most seasoned fan avert their eyes momentarily.

As you may recall, in Season 3 Lafayette and Jesus found themselves on a rather terrifying spiritual vision-quest after consuming the drug "V", or vampire blood. During this journey they discovered each of their individual bloodlines could be traced back to powerful priests and priestesses of various magical traditions. In Season 4 it appears that this bizarre chain of events continues to pull them deep into the paranormal world, as if they had not already been intensely entangled from the beginning. Alejandro hinted towards a rather gruesome scene in which one, or possibly both of the characters are forced to consume either a cow's head, goat's tongue or poisonous snake's venom. Whether or not this scene is directly connected to their earlier haunting visions is still a mystery. Regardless, however, it will no doubt be a scene that is not for the faint of heart.

"Lafayette and I go on a huge adventure where some unfortunate things happen," he said. "We end up having a very creepy breakfast with some really interesting people and Lafayette has a real hard time with it... It's going to turn your stomach!"

What is it exactly about scenes involving the consumption of disgusting items that are so much more disturbing than the usual blood and guts horror scene? I have a feeling I will be squirming in my seat during this one. It might actually out-disgust the human heart pie served by Maryann in Season 2! Here's to hoping.