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True Blood's Stephen Moyer wants to be the next Tom Waits

Stephen Moyer sits down with Marie Claire UK
Stephen Moyer sits down with Marie Claire UK
Marie Claire UK

Not that being the next Tom Waits isn't one remarkably lofty goal for one to aspire to. I know that I, personally, wouldn't mind being renowned for such dark and twisted artistic brilliance. Afterall, no one plays a better Devil than Tom Waits! However, something tells me that our beloved Vampire Bill Compton has a few years still to travel before he can obtain such iconic actorial genius. In the January issue interview with Marie Claire UK the star of HBO's hit vampire series True Blood remarked that he looks up to the more "grizzly" actors for inspiration.

"Jeff Bridges, Clint Eastwood and Tom Waits - grizzly old f***ers. I met Jeff Bridges at a movie convention. I said, 'Oh my God, I love you so much!' and he said, 'And I love you.' He can't have had a clue who I was." Moyer reflected on the chance encounter with the Oscar winning star of "Crazy Heart".

Bridges, Eastwood and Waits have all paid their dues over the years, each having a collective body of work that is beyond awe-inspiring. All the more power to Moyer for setting his sites on such ambitious cultural permanence in cinema. As long as Moyer continues to challenge himself as an actor, while he might not win an Oscar one day, he will definitely be remembered as a key part of the vampire genre resurrection of the 21st century. He has been, afterall, the star of one of the most popular series on television for four years now!

Who knows, perhaps one day we'll be wandering by a smoky little bar in Amsterdam and hear a duet by Moyer and Waits? Now, that would be beyond surreal! I wonder how Tom Waits would feel about that? And can Stephen Moyer sing? Maybe it's best if Waits just gives him a few tips on how best to play the Devil.

On another note regarding Stephen Moyer, the announcement was made last week that the actor and his lovely co-star and wife, Anna Paquin, have both been nominated for 2010 Satellite Awards! Paquin and Moyer are both up against some pretty steep competition this year with the stars of Mad Men, Weeds and Sons of Anarchy among the brilliant names. The Satellite Awards luncheon will take place on December 19th in the Los Angeles Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

Congratulations to the True Blood stars and the best of luck to them both this year!

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