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'True Blood's Sarah Newlin, from vampire slayer to vampire savior

[SPOILERS] Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. “Karma” which started as a lack-lustered episode six (season seven) of “True Blood”, developed into a jaw-dropping plot twist. Hope arrived in Bon Temps in the form of no other than the abhorred Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). Sarah is on run from the Yakuza, Japanese producers of the True Blood beverage, and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), however she has a bombshell of a surprise.

Anna Camp
Photo by Mike Windle

In season six, Sarah led the charge in the development of the Hepatitis V virus. Hepatitis V is a deadly strain of Hepatitis D, which infects vampires with a true death terminal illness. In the final stages of the disease, vampires turn into rabid savages.

During season seven, almost no vampire is spared from Hepatitis V, from Eric to Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). Bill was unknowingly infected by Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). Though Bill was infected after Eric, his symptoms are more advanced. One possibility is Sookie’s infected fairy blood accelerates Hepatitis V.

Fans have been holding their breath in anticipation of which beloved vampire will die next. Finally, fans may exhale. A flashback from season six reveals Sarah swallowing the antidote for Hepatitis V. She is the walking cure for the infected walking undead. Her blood alone can save vampires. It is only fitting that Sarah Newlin, who slayed more vampires through Hepatitis V than any other mortal, becomes the vampire savior.

Yes, that’s right, Newme the vampire savior.

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