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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello nabs Hottest Bachelor with Paleo low carb diet

True Blood actor earns Hottest Bachelor title.
True Blood actor earns Hottest Bachelor title.
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

What does it take to earn the title of People magazine's Hottest Bachelor? Ripped abs courtesy of a Paleo-style low carb diet and hours of exercise. At least that's what worked for "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello, who nabbed the honors, reported People on Monday.

"I am passionate. I am a hot-blooded person," said the werewolf actor. And he pours much of his passion into his hours at the gym and his diligence in sticking to his low carb diet.

Joe's high protein diet is so important to him, in fact, that enjoying the animal protein that powers him is a requirement for luring him away from bachelor life, reported ABC News on Monday.

His idea of must-have diet foods: Omaha steaks and boneless chicken breasts. And his idea of a relaxing evening at home or out? Digging into those foods.

So what's a low carb diet day like in Joe's life? He told Men's Fitness magazine that protein shakes and poultry play a key role. Joe drinks a protein shake with breakfast and gulps down another one around 2 p.m.

Lunch includes roasted chicken breasts and veggies as well as a Paleo-friendly sweet potato. Dinner is steak and more veggies, with a before-bed "snack" of chicken breast and green beans.

But it takes more than diet to get six-pack (make that eight-pack) abs. Joe devotes hours to working out, he told Men's Health magazine.

The routine begins with cardio, followed by circuit-training focusing on his famous abdomen. After doing various rounds of crunches and scissors, Joe does isolation supersets.

Bench presses, pull-ups and other strength-training moves combine to sculpt Joe into howling good shape. It's quite a change for a man who once said: "I grew up a misfit. I never fit in."

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