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True Blood returns for its final season

Everyone’s favorite southern vampire series returns for its seventh and final season. After 6 seasons the show went from being one of the best shows out there to fluctuating up and down and never quite finding its direction to the greatness it once had.

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Season 6 seemed to be trying to get somewhat back to its roots, but ever since the addition of fairies to the story it is often hard to take the series seriously. Thankfully there is plenty of other vampire and werewolf goodness to keep you entertained when they cut loose. This season ended with crap about to hit the fan so there is no doubt that there is a chance for them to deliver a great final season, but will they sink their fangs in and let the blood flow or will the play it to close to the heart and let love conquer all?

This is their final chance to redeem the series and make it as a whole live up to what they originally created so let’s hope they find their footing in this final blood soaked visit into the world of vampires, werewolves, and all the other strange things that go bump in the night that are now freely living among us. They have the tools with everyone’s favorite cast members back including a few surprises according to the trailers. Most intriguing of it all is the usually eccentric Lafayette played by the always great Nelsan Ellis is appearing unusually normal in some of the promotional posters so it will be interesting to see the direction they are heading with the best character in the series.

Take one final visit to Bon Temps when True Blood premieres on June 22nd on HBO.

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