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'True Blood' releases first video trailer for the final season

"True Blood' recently released it's first trailer for its seventh and final season. The video may be seen at the top of this article.

'True Blood' releases first video trailer for the final season
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This video focuses on the infected vampires and once again a government themed conspiracy and the fact that they are leaving the people to fight for themselves once again. You can hear Sookie's voice over about "being on their own", "government disappearing", and "everyone turning on each other."

The video shows Jason, Sam, Sookie, Alcide, and Andy fighting together to try and save Bon Temps. It appears that the infected vampires have attacked a church and killed many humans and that of course the vampires and the humans are not getting along at all. Heck it appears that the humans aren't getting along with other humans.

This video didn't show anything about Sarah Newlin and her family returning to Bon Temps, nor the Japanese villain who is coming to "clean up" the Tru Blood mess and put the vampires in line.

It also doesn't show the relationships between the humans/shifters and the vampires. It looks like the vampires are fighting on their own against the infected ones.

Can the vampires and humans work together and eventually live together? Well, we will see how the writers of "True Blood" decides to close the story.

Remember that "True Blood" will be returning to HBO on June 22 for a ten episode final season.

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