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'True Blood': New details on a villain and another arrival teased

The teased death of Eric Northman caused an uproar. Will he survive season 7?
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

The final season of "True Blood" will have a number of new characters for fans to meet. Fans have been teased about some of these new arrivals already, but new details have now been revealed about a new villain and another new character that will make her appearance during season seven of the HBO series. On April 15, TV Line shared new spoilers for one of the villains the residents of Bon Temps will face.

Who is the new villain? Mr. Gus is his name, and TV Line teased that he may be immortal. He is looking for vengeance on a business deal gone bad. This Japanese businessman will be very Americanized. He will wear a cowboy hat and talk with a drawl, and it is teased that he will make J.R. Ewing look Asian. It isn't clear who he is looking to take down, but he does sound like trouble. If he is immortal, he will definitely be a villain to watch out for.

The Epoch Times also teased some new details about a new arrival. Brigette will be an 'attractive microbiologist.' Her purpose during the final season was not revealed, but she could be connected to finding a cure for the vampire virus that has infected the vampire race and forced them to feed on human donors. Can a cure be found for this disease? Fans will definitely need to tune in to find out.

These new additions are only the tip of the iceberg as far as spoilers go for the final season. Cast members have teased that death is coming to many favorites on the series. With multiple villains and a virus causing trouble, anyone can die at any time. Would this series kill off Sookie or Bill? Not likely. Fans were outraged at the thought of Eric Northman being killed off at the end of the season six finale. If the series killed off Bill or Sookie, fans would definitely react. This series will return on June 22.

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