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True Blood gets renewed for fourth season


Friends don't let friends drink friends.

Lexington vampire fans will be pleased to learn that their favorite southern vampire series has already signed on for a fourth season. ( True Blood, which follows Sookie Stackhouse and a slew of supernatural characters, is based on the books by Charlaine Harris. Creator Alan Ball sticks loosely to the same story lines in the books but has permission to veer off in different directions if he chooses. So far, there have been a few changes in the last two seasons but nothing big.

The third season which premiered on June 13th is just now introducing werewolves into the mix. At first glance, some may think with werewolves and vampires being  involved there's no way it can be that much different from the Twilight series (the ridiculously large hit penned by Stephanie Meyer.) However, rest assured, Eric Northman and Bill Compton (True Blood characters) would eat Jacob and Edward for dinner.

The show which stars Anna Paquin, Bill Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard airs on Sunday nights on HBO (channel 300 in Lexington on Dish Network). However, if you just can't quench your thirst for vampire news, head on over to the Lexington Vampire Examiner's page. Bertina Varney will be sure to have all the info you could possibly want on your favorite blood sucking crowd.


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