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'True Blood' final season will not be penned by Charlaine Harris

'True Blood' final season will not be penned by Charlaine Harris
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

On December 31, Charlaine Harris ended the year by ending rumors that have been going around the internet lately.

To end these rumors she went to her Facebook page to squash several rumors including one that she will be collaborating with "True Blood" writers to clean up and help end season seven of the HBO show that is based on her "Southern Vampire Series".

Many fans had commented on previous posts about her collaborating with "True Blood" writers to help them "fix" the tv show and it end like the book or at least let it end "better".

This is what she said:

"Let me squash a rumor or two here: I am not writing, or involved in planning, the last season of "True Blood." I do not know how this got started. I am not writing another Sookie novel. Also, anyone who wants to know what I'm reading can find out what I've read for the past few years by visiting my website, which is simply Click on Books and Blog. I love to recommend books I've enjoyed!"

As most fans know, the HBO show is not based entirely on the books. The first three seasons were close but after that it pretty much went it's own way totally. It is no secret that Ms. Harris has been very mum on her opinion of the show ( well ostly but I won't get into that here).

But, many fans who love the book hate the show and vice versa. One fan said that they see it as two "different stories" and go on with it.

Well, either way, Ms. Harris ended her book series in 2013 and the television show is set to end this summer of 2014.

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