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'True Blood' final season previews and updates

True Blood Season 7 preview spoilers
True Blood Season 7 preview spoilers

True Blood” season 6 left off with all the lives of the Bon Temps residents literally hanging in the balance. With Hep-V infected vampires on the brink of invading the town party, audiences are wondering who will make it out alive.

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse, was asked by Access Hollywood what audiences have in store for the final season of “True Blood”. He revealed “People are going to be dying. Some of your favorites are going to be not lasting the season, unfortunately.”

A local “True Blood” fan at a Best Buy store in Miami Lakes, Florida named Charlotte stated “Whomever dies, I just hope it is not Eric! He has the perfect balance between evil and sentimental. The show needs him just as much as it needs Bill and Sookie.”

IMDB has posted the cast of season 7 revealing that Eric is still alive. Also making appearances in episodes one, two and three are:

Arlene: She is set to have a new love interest and hopefully this guy is not a murderer and will last the entire season. Her character has not had much luck in the love department so there is so there is little no hope here.

Eric and Pam: A new love interest is being introduced here as well. Eric has had his fair share of “love” already so this new character will be for the lovely Pam.

Sookie and Bill: “True Blood” would not be the same without this pair of damaged goods. Will they finally end up together? Maybe Sookie, who was willing to turn into a vampire to save the lives of her friends, will turn for the love of Bill. It is possible right?

Tara: Now that she is no longer crying about her horrible life and upbringing every other episode Tara seems pretty cool. Once she gets rid of the urges to make-out with her maker, she can actually contribute more to the plot. But will she survive?

Jessica, Sam, Andy, the annoying Willa, Holly, fan favorite Lafayette, Adilyn, Lettie Mae and Alcide will all appear in the first three episodes of the new season. The first episode will be entitled “Jesus Gonna Be Here”. The title itself sounds like something Lettie Mae would say as her final words. It would be fitting if one of the least favorite characters who have made a complete turnaround meets a justifiable end after Tara’s promise to protect her and vice versa? It may be a stretch but who knows?

IMDB’s credit page may be missing some names and also introduces a couple new names to the lineup.

Catch HBO’s “True Blood” this summer in roughly 88 days. It is currently in filming.

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