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‘True Blood’ fans get it, it’s over

[SPOILERS] Season seven of “True Blood” continues in its newly adopted blood bath tradition with episode four, “Lost Cause”. At this point, “True Blood” fans expect death to come to beloved characters. Yet, episode four ending with Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) staring into a mirror noticing the beginning symptoms of the H-virus on his chest was still hard to digest. One must shake his or her head bemoaning, “Bill too?”

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton of 'True Blood')
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Knowing what appears to be the probable death of Bill makes the ending of the “True Blood” television series final. Fans get it. Tara is dead. Alcide is dead. Eric will soon be dead. Now Bill is dying too. Everybody is dying. Bon Temps is dying.

Maybe it is what it should be. How else can the town of Bon Temps coexist with the rest of society? Bon Temps’s post-residents can never be assimilated into mainstream America. If vampire Bill was left to carry on, what would he do for a living? Write his memoirs? Author Anne Rice might have some qualms about his addition to the literary world.

With the introduction of Bill’s impending death, fans of “True Blood” understand it’s over. As Sam Merlotte’s pregnant girlfriend Nicole Wright (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) stated,

“You all are going on as if this (expletive) is normal and it’s not. This (expletive) doesn’t happen in other towns.”

Too bad. Life sure would be more interesting if it did.

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