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'True Blood' fans can expect epic final season (Spoilers)

The final season of True Blood is sure to be a good one.
The final season of True Blood is sure to be a good one.

"True Blood" season 7 is the last season of this amazing HBO series and fans can expect the show to go out with a bang. Last season left the Bon Temps crew in peril as rogue vampires afflicted with Hepatitis V began terrorizing citizens. With everyone in danger, Christian Today revealed on Saturday that some True Blood spoilers including which major characters are going to die. Writers have said that "True Blood" will be "getting back to basics" as the show makes is very memorable last season count.

One of the most shocking spoilers to surface so far details a shocking death in the very first episode of season 7. "True Blood" fans will be shocked and probably upset to hear about the upcoming death that is said to be so drastic that fans will wonder if it was real or a dream. Although the identity of the major star killed off in episode one is a secret, many are betting that Sam will be the first to die.

Sam Trammel, the actor who plays Sam on "True Blood" is also starring in the movie The Fault in Our Stars. That means he was very busy in his shooting schedule and may have needed to free up time. Don't be surprised if he is the first to go.

Fans who were convinced that Eric died at the end of season 6 will be happy to know that is not the case. Pam continues searching for her long lost maker and we're told that he will be back for episode two of the final "True Blood" season. It just wouldn't have been right if writers had left him out. Alexander Skarsgard told TV Guide that when he burst into flames at the end of that last season, he was surrounded "by a lot of wet snow." That likely kept him from burning up and saved him.

There are rumblings that many characters will meet their maker during this final season of "True Blood." The only ones expected to survive are Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Comptom and Alcide Herveaux. If the books are followed by the writers at all, Sookie should be taking her relationship with Alcide to a new level during the final episode. Of course the television series veered wildly off-course from the Charlaine Harris series. That being the case, anything goes as HBO's "True Blood" aims to make it's mark with season 7.

True Blood season 7 premieres on HBO on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. EST.

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