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True Blood Episode Recap: "Death Is Not the End"

True Blood
True Blood

The war continues in Bon Temps as The Hep V Vamps occupy Fangtasia with Nicole, Holly, and Arlene still captive. While there were some emotional scenes, this episode was an absolute blood bath.

Things start off rocky after Sookie calls Alcide’s father Jackson to give him the bad news that his son is gone, as well as an interesting flashback which shows how Eric and Pam were forced to run a dull video store that eventually becomes Fangstasia. Ironically, Ginger was a key contributor to the place.

Essentially in “Death Is Not The End," we have some story lines that are tied up, such as Eric becoming Sheriff and Ginger coming up with the idea of building Fangtasia. We have several characters we have not seen in a while that could make a return this season. As Bon Temps is in shambles, Sookie and Jason have no choice but to remain strong and get the help they need in order to rescue Nicole, Arlene and Holly.

This episode was action-packed and emotional at times. There were several characters: Sookie, Jessica and Holly- that showed pure emotion and made you feel for them. Thus far, the acting this season has been superb. The actors seem to be on their A-game, giving this season the final push it needs for its final sendoff... that will be here before we know it.

While one major story line closes, another one opens for the remainder of the season. Eric and Pam are on a mission to find Sarah Newlin and take her out. The question is will Eric live long enough to survive knowing he is one of the infected?

The bottom line is from now on the people and vamps in Bon Temps will be on their toes because you never know what will happen next.

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