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True Blood Episode Commentary: "May Be the Last Time"


“May Be the Last Time” was an episode that had the same plot lines that continue to spin in circles.

True Blood

We are left with no answers. Aside from a few characters returning like Hoyt, ghost Steve Newlin and Grandpa Niall, who loves pasta, this episode was lackluster. An hour filled with repetitive storylines that lead to nowhere and the same-old life lessons about happiness. That's what this was.

There are only three episodes left and the pace definitely has to pick up.

While Bill’s virus is out of control, he continues to have his flashbacks that took place in the 1800s. We still don’t know what these flashbacks mean, but it is not looking good for Mr. Compton to make it out alive. Lafayette and Lettie Mae are digging in her old home like two dogs looking for bones. This plot line has been a complete waste of time this season.

The highlight of this episode is the business proposition that Mr. Gus gives to Eric in which he would get 49 percent of the corporation's profits if he becomes their spokesperson for the new product, "Nu Blood." Once they find Sarah Newlin, the Hep-V Virus could come to an end, which could save the vampire race.

We are back to square one with Jason Stackhouse though, who is falling for Hoyt’s new girlfriend. While he wants to change and be a family man, he is still the same old Jason. He doesn’t know what he wants and probably never will. It seems that every attractive girl that he lays eyes on, he falls in love with, even though they are Hoyt’s girlfriends. The same thing happened with Jessica.

With three episodes left, there are still many questions that are needed to be answered. It is quite obvious that tragedy will take place, but there will a life lesson involved somehow. We could only hope that Eric doesn’t kill Sarah Newlin so that she can be the one to save him and Bill and bring happiness once and for all to the town of Bon Temps and more importantly Sookie Stackhouse.