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True Blood Episode Commentary:"Lost Cause"

True Blood
True Blood

It was a house party at Sookie's and everything you would expect from an episode of True Blood.

There was laughing, crying, partying, sex, grief and of course, death. More importantly there was shock, as the final moments unveiled a surprising revelation that could bring sadness to fans and even more heartbreak to Sookie.

“Lost Cause” mostly symbolized the celebration of life and forgetting about all the grief, misery and horror that Bom Temps has experienced. In the aftermath of Alcide’s death, this house party symbolized just that. On a lighter note Andy proposed to Holly by using Sookies grandmother’s ring that was intended for Jason when he was ready to get married.

Although this episode revolved mostly around a party, there were some intense moments as well. There were several flashbacks of human Bill trying to defect the North and gets his life threatened by gunfire, while Eric and Pam at their own party searching for Sarah Newlin that is viscously crashed by the Yakuza who are after her as well. A pretty gruesome scene involves Eric literally ripping the face off of a Yakuza member. Even though Eric might be dying, he still can kill in style.

Towards the end of the episode, we discover that Bill has also contracted the Hep V Virus. If both Bill and Eric are goners and a cure is not found soon, Sookie’s life could be filled with grief and pain for the rest of her days. Hopefully this would not be the case and she could end up being happy and relieved knowing the two people she loves will stay alive. The problems in this situation are who does she chose, and will she ever be happy again? From what we know so far, once you think you are out of the woods, something or someone always seem to pose a massive threat.

Overall, this episode of True was simple, with several plot lines still needing to be answered. The anticipation of how the series will end could possibly result in satisfaction, grief, or disappointment. So far, there is still unfinished business and more danger could be brought to Bon Temps in one last horrific, bloody battle.

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