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True Blood Episode Commentary: "Karma"


As the end of time approaches on HBO's vampire series “True Blood," there is still plenty of fight and answers left until the last drop of blood soaks the floor.

“Karma” not only brought several laughs, but there were also some emotional moments as well. There was even good news that could put an end to the Hep -V virus for good.

Throughout this episode, Bill was in a law office that resembled the outer offices of the heaven scene in the movie "Beetlejuice." There was Bill, entering a room with hundreds of Hep-V positive patients. What was great about this scene is that it was rare to see that much levity to it. Unfortunately for Bill, you did feel sorry for him as the virus spread continuously and quickly throughout his body.

There were also several revelations in this episode that can either make or break the remainder of this season. Sookie was the reason why Bill got infected and Sarah Newlin is the antidote for the Hep-V virus. For all the craziness involving death in Bon Temps because of this virus, it is good to see that there is a cure. The only problem is finding Sarah Newlin. She seems to slip out of your hands like a wet bar of soap- just when you think you have her in your grasp.

The Violet and Jason storyline might have taken a turn for the worse, which could impact the lives of Adeline and Wade. Now that Violet knows about Jason’s affair with Jessica, she has now captured Adeline and Wade and possibly took them to an unknown location.

The negative part of this episode is Violet's character. Although she may be very attractive, her rough-controlling personality gets extremely repetitive. Also, Lettie Mae not being at peace with Tara's death is getting to be extremely annoying as well and to make matters worse we still don't know what Tara wants her to see. That plot line needs to get answered real soon.

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