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True Blood Episode Commentary: "Almost Home"


“Almost Home” put to rest the useless plots that were a complete bore this season, such as Violet's house of torture porn and Lettie Mae finally at peace with Tara. This episode was not a complete dud, but it had it's moments of slow movement love stories that reminded you of a revisitation of past seasons. There were moments that kept you in suspense and made you cry. The performances from Lettie Mae and Tara were brilliant. Overall, “Almost Home” lived up to its title and was a reminder that the end is near.

True Blood

This episode does get off to an optimistic start. Eric gets cured, which leaves hope for Bill. The bad news however, will come as a shock to viewers, when they discover a decision that Bill makes towards the episode's climax.

This episode tried hard to have characters reconnect from their past relationships. From the get go, Sookie and Bill discuss their first encounter with each other and how his emotions for her made him feel human, but were just based on memories. The same goes for Jason, Hoyt and Jessica, who each have a revisitation of their past relationship with each other. The only difference is that Hoyt has no memory that he and Jessica were once a couple. Now that he is back in Bon Temps, he finds her attractive. This plot line is a second chance for Hoyt, Jessica and Jason as they can make fix their past mistakes. However this storyline is unrealistic. The past is the past.

This episode did display suspense. While Jessica, Adelaine and Wade were locked up in Violet's torture Chamber the person you'd least expect takes her out and puts an end to her madness. Hoyt saves the day and becomes a hero. For a character that has been through a lot and is so gullible at times, you were happy for him as he came through in a big way.

What was unique about this episode was the scene that involved Lettie Mae and Tara. We finally find out what Tara's message was for her mother that took place in a touching, yet intense vision. This vision involved a birthday party for young Tara. We now know why Lettie Mae had many demons in her life, as she had to deal with her abusive husband, who was an alcoholic. It was a nice farewell to a great character on this show, as Tara goes out with class.

While Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus talk business about how they will distribute Nu-blood, Sookie discovers that Sarah is the cure and takes Bill to Fangtasia. As the anticipation builds for Bill to drink Sarah's blood, he slowly faces Sookie and tells her that he doesn't want the blood.

With only two episodes remaining, we will discover that Bill is either at peace and wants to end it all, or he has other plans in mind. Either way, his decision after this episode has left us with a head scratcher.