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'True Blood' 7x02 'I Found You': Dreaming of Eric

Jason: "Sometimes not being clever makes you a good detective."
Jason: "Sometimes not being clever makes you a good detective."
Photo Courtesy Of HBO

Adilyn: “I’m eighteen.”

Andy: “I know you are, but not really.”

I Found You” is the June 29 episode of “True Blood.” If you haven’t seen the episode, beware of spoilers! “True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. central on HBO.

Our fearless town leaders/people who know a bit about the supernatural, head off to Saint Alice. Side note: Louisiana pronunciations will never cease to amaze me. I thought it was Saint Elise before I saw the town sign. This road trip shows that these Hep V vampires are intense and don’t mess around. There’s a nice contrast when we see how unorganized and weak the Hep V vampires are in Fangtasia. This was a good episode to let viewers in on how serious the situation is, and how the vampires are operating.

Oh Bon Temps, you are not full of the brightest people. The town has decided to arm themselves against the vampires and most likely the “dog bear” that is their mayor. Oh, and Adilyn went fae on them too. I can’t believe Kenya switched sides. Hopefully Bon Temps doesn't go the route of Salem and start burning people in the streets, but I can’t see this ending peacefully. The next episode will be crazy, and if it picks up just where this episode ends, it will be night time. All these supernaturals versus a scared small town is going to equal chaos.

Arlene manages to inspire some spirit in the basement of Fangtasia. Seeing her take charge and decide to change her fate is fantastic. Arlene’s got some fight in her, and it seems like it has been a while since we've seen it. When Betty drinks from Arlene, it looks like she gets worse. Could Arlene be infected with Hep V? We haven’t really spent any time learning about the virus, and how it works in humans and vamps. Seeing that now Eric is infected, we need a science lesson (and a cure). Did you love Arlene during this episode?

My dear Lettie Mae, how boring and annoying I find you. She’s hooked again, this time on V. I’m not quite sure what we are supposed to get from this storyline. Lettie Mae appears to only want the V, so she can save her baby and learn what happened to her, but from the gross frying pan incident, it’s not difficult to see the addict in her come back to life. Are you enjoying Lettie Mae’s storyline?

Our poor Eric is sick. Okay, I liked it better when we didn't know where he was. He can’t die. I refuse to accept this. Time to bust out a cure. Jason’s dream sequence at the beginning is curious. Seeing as how Jason has had Eric’s blood in the past, is this the blood’s way of hinting to Jason that Eric is not doing okay? Jason needs obvious hints, if that is the case. It will be interesting to see if we get any more of Jason and Eric. Did you love the Jason and Eric sexy times?

What did you think of the episode? What do you think is wrong with Jessica? I’m guessing it is because she hasn't fed in a while, so she isn't healing. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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