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'True Blood' 7x01 'Jesus Gonna Be Here': Fighting for survival

Adilyn: "I trusted you before."
Adilyn: "I trusted you before."
Photo Courtesy Of HBO

Pam: “Everyone I loves, leaves. Everything I touch, dies.”

“Jesus Gonna Be Here” is the June 22 episode of “True Blood,” which was directed by Stephen Moyer. If you haven’t seen the episode, beware of spoilers! “True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. central on HBO.

Tara’s dead. Yeah, it’s a little hard to process given that we don’t see it happen. One second she is kicking ass, and then next we see poor ole Lettie Mae crying surrounded by vampire goop. It’s strange that we don’t even get to see Tara die. She’s a main character, and her death is quiet and off screen. Watching Tara die would have helped with the shock and viewer impact. Yes, her death, as is, is shocking, but it’s more like, wait did they really just do that? What are your views on Tara’s death scene?

At least we get to see how everyone reacts and handles Tara’s death. We see Jessica finding out, Jason reminiscing, and then there’s Lafayette and the conversation with James, Jessica’s boyfriend. Personally, the best reaction scene is Lafayette’s. He doesn't react in grief because he already has grieved, and then we learn a good bit about James and his depressing views on feelings. It’s a nice, quiet scene in the middle of a chaotic episode. What are your thoughts on James?

I’m not happy with the people of Bon Temps. How is any of this Sookie’s fault? Maybe the good townsfolk think that if Sookie didn't catch the eye of Bill Compton, then there wouldn't be any vampires in town. I don’t see how everyone blaming Sookie makes sense, and it is annoying. I do understand the people who are disgusted at Sookie for choosing to once be with a vampire and to associate with them. We could have just focused on those thoughts. Still, Sookie’s speech at the church is fantastic. It is great for her to stand up for herself in front of her town.

Jessica protecting Adilyn turns out to be an interesting storyline. You would think it would get boring after a while, but the conversations the two of them have are great. This is definitely a step towards Jessica’s own redemption after the fae massacre that she put on. Adilyn and Jessica have such an interesting relationship because of their history, and it would be great to watch the two of them try to work with each other and get to know each other. How upset do you think Andy will be when he learns that Jessica was invited in?

The premiere disappointed me because all I wanted to know was if Eric is alive. He is. I refuse to believe differently. Pam goes on her trek that makes little sense. She stands in a bucket playing vampire Russian roulette, and then continues to ask people questions. It would help if we knew what intel she is going off of or just a little bit more. Also, Eric has to be alive or following Pam around Africa would be a waste of a storyline. She does deliver a couple good Pam-lines though, and those are always fun.

What did you think of the episode? How come no one thought to check Fangtasia for the Hep V vamps? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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