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Trucks stuck, no peace for Peace Street Rail?

Raleigh bridges vary in height depending on use.
Raleigh bridges vary in height depending on use.
Loretta Arnold, RHE

Road signs. Locals trust road signs. Defining a road sign doesn't take rocket scientist. Just someone who can read. But nothing seems more unusual than a truck lodged under a bridge. By now you've heard of a truck stuck under the Peace Street railroad bridge. Good news? Truck has been freed. Bad news? It will happen again. There's your sign.

Fall in 2008 a semi got a sunroof after a driver attempted to drive under the same bridge. Metal debris scattered in an obvious miscalculated situation. The truck photos (New Raleigh) show a short story of a driver who may have been saying to himself "I think I can. I think I can." The truck made it halfway in. The recent 53-foot Penske truck just hit the bridge. The nose height of the trailer evidently paid off - for the bridge. It didn't quite make it under the bridge and still a semi-total loss. Just as the blue truck in April had done.

Multiple tractor trailers have found themselves in quite a pickle (with a little jam). The road shuts down until the trucks are plucked in safe removal. It's highly unlikely that every truck in that situation just darted into a rail bridge. Logically, and more importantly, evaluating what occurs before entering the short lived cross under is the first step to answers. Just look for the signs.

Will the recent truck hit brings road signs to the City table? Most likely already has. North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) has been forming new bridges to reform old bridges for a little while now. More.

Yet the good people of Raleigh businesses can do themselves, and truck drivers, a favor. Simply remind all delivery trucks of the height in that specific location before their delivery ends up on Capitol Blvd.

Height stated by sign? 12 feet 4 inches. And if you don't read signs let's hope you read the news. Most reports involving trucks stuck under that very bridge come with the same sign measurements. Again, 12 feet 4 inches!


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