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Truck driver discovers suffering, motionless dog at truck stop

Injured dog dumped in parking lot
Via Terry Bloomer

Someone left a severely injured dog, who was unable to move, at a truck stop near Burns Flat, Okla., last week, reported KFOR News Channel 4.

The dog, dubbed "Momma," was discovered by a truck driver who initially believed that the motionless dog was dead...the dog's moving chest revealed that she was still alive. Terry Lynn Bloomer, an independent rescuer, was contacted and she described what she found after arriving to check on the dog:

This morning, I received a call from a truck driver that stopped at a truck stop 7 miles from here... As he pulled in, he saw what he thought was a dead pitty laying in the parking lot.... as he walked past, he saw she was still breathing... he went to her and her eyes looked up at him. She was unable to move, but her eyes pleaded for help.

She described the suffering the dog was enduring on the scorching hot pavement:

I went to check on her... she was laying in the parking lot, on the hot pavement, unable to move... the look in her eyes as I kneeled down and spoke to her brought me to tears... As I spoke, her tail wagged....

I called my vet and had them on standby and called for help to load her and get her to my vet...
This innocent sweet girl is COVERED in bite marks... tons of them all over her face, throat, legs, shoulder and chest... It appears someone threw her out there and left her to die in the heat...
even as we rolled her over on the blanket to left her, her tail wagged.

The dog, who appeared to have recently delivered puppies, was taken to the Elk Creek Clinic in Elk City, Okla., where she revealed her will to live, and where she has been recuperating from her many wounds.

On Monday, Terry wrote the following update about this beleaguered dog:

Five days later, sweet Momma Girl is standing some and walking a little... Though wobbly, she is getting stronger each and every day!!!
She will be at the vet while on the mend, but we need to find a safe and loving place for this angel to go...
Please share her story and update...SOMEONE knows who she belonged to...SOMEONE knows who did this to her...
Let's make sure they never hurt another animal again.

Anyone who has information about this dog is asked to call the Washita County Sheriff’s Office.

Individuals interested in making a donation towards Momma's care can send funds to:

Elk Creek Clinic
1301 Airport Industrial
Elk City ok 73624

Or paypal

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