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Troye Sivan blows Justin Bieber away (Video)

Troye Sivan, an openly gay teen singing idol from Australia, became an overnight sensation around the rest of the world on Wednesday when his first album (not even dropping until next month) zoomed straight to the top of iTunes.

Troye Sivan is ready to break the Justin Bieber pop star mold
Troye Sivan by Gage Skidmore on Wikipedia:

Justin Who?

According to an article published by Showbiz411 on July 25, Troye Sivan has been reworking the Bieber business model since 2009, first gaining attention as an actor, then parlaying that success into a thriving, self-produced singer/songwriter career followed by millions of devoted fans on YouTube.

Obviously, that move paid off, as Sivan recently announced he'd signed a record deal with Universal Music and will release five new, original tunes next month on his debut album, entitled TRXYE.

Of course, to millions of tweens, this is all old news. Fans of the exploding pop star, who revealed he is gay on his YouTube channel a year ago, have been swooning over Troye Sivan since he unleashed his own brand of sensitive, politically motivated, though still undeniably dreamy music in 2010, crafting a new role model for teen idols that makes Justin Bieber seem like a self absorbed, spoiled brat. Duh.

By far his biggest hit to date, the self-penned ode to the original novel of the same name, The Fault In Our Stars, never managed to get noticed by the producers who made the book into a surprise hit movie.

But Sivan's fans were bowled over by the deep feeling expressed in words, images, and especially, the unique, soul-searching vocals, of a young man confronted by a terrible, eternal truth.

TIME magazine reports that, in anticipation of the debut album's release, Troye Sivan dropped a sneak peek track on YouTube on Friday, called Happy Little Pill. The subject matter is serious and may even be a little over the heads of his target audience. But the approach is just the kind of strategy that has worked so well for Troye Sivan all along.

It's just another brilliant move by an overnight success, 5 years in the making.

What do you think? Have you ever heard of Troye Sivan? Will you start following his career?

Click the video above to have a listen and please feel free to leave comments below.

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