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UPDATED Troy has been shot: another severely abused dog needs help

The Raliegh Humane Society needs help funding surgery for this poor dog who has been shot in the head and stomach
The Raliegh Humane Society needs help funding surgery for this poor dog who has been shot in the head and stomach
Raleigh Humane Society

Update: Sadly, Troy has passed away. According to the shelter, he survive surgery, but died shortly afterwards.

The horrific abuse of companion animals in our communities just continues to get worse. Meet Troy.

Troy arrived at the shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina on Monday. His injuries were so severe that the staff immediately transported him to the vet.

This poor dog has been shot in the head and in the stomach. Troy's life is in danger and without immediate help he will not make it. The shelter's funds for vet treatment are already stretched past it's limits. The vet bell for treating Flex, who was hit by a car this week, is huge as well.

The shelter needs to raise approximately $3,000 to fund the surgery for Troy.

Troy is a neutered male, and despite his intense pain, everyone who has come into contact with him says that he is a very sweet and affectionate dog. At some point, someone cared enough about him to have him neutered. Hopefully he has simply managed to escape from his owners and they will see this and get in touch with the shelter.

Until, or unless, that happens, it's up to the animal lovers in the community to save Troy.

I know that there are many requests for financial assistance by non-profits who are trying to save pets. Sadly, these organizations have limited funds and without the help of the community, many of these pets will simply have to be euthanized because of their injuries. It won't be because they cannot recover. It will be because the treatment is out of reach financially.

It's sad that it falls upon those of us who love animals to have to bear the financial weight of these treatments, but the reality is that without our help, it's just not going to happen.

But there's a second thing the animal loving community needs to do. We all need to keep out eyes open. Too often animal abuse happens where we can see it, but we shrug it off and assume someone else will contact the authorities.

Yesterday, Examiner reported on another dog in North Carolina who had been shot. Someone knows who shot that dog. Someone knows who shot Troy. Someone needs to call law enforcement and tell them what they know.

Meanwhile, please help Troy get this surgery he desperately needs. Please go to and donate what you can. If everyone does this, it will add up.

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