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Troutdale shooting: Jared Michael Padgett the 15 y/o school gunman, kills self

An investigation into the Troutdale shooting case has confirmed that the 15-year-old gunman in the recent Oregon tragedy at Reynolds High School is Jared Michael Padgett. Padgett reportedly shot and killed one student — in addition to shooting and injuring a teacher — before the high school freshman turned the deadly weapon on himself and committed suicide. Yahoo! News provides the latest updates in this tragic incident this Friday, June 13, 2014.

Troutdale shooting confirms identity as Jared Michael Padgett
Facebook Photo File, HNGN

To add to the alarmingly growing list of teen killers, Jared Michael Padgett has been found responsible for the recent Troutdale shooting that left one dead and another critically wounded. After a short shootout with local police officers at Reynolds High School in Oregon, the 15-year-old gunman was said to have fled to a bathroom and shot himself directly in the head, killing himself. An autopsy report released only yesterday morning confirmed Padgett had taken his own life with the very same shotgun used to fire at his two victims in the brief school rampage.

The identity of the student victim has also been made known this week — Emilio Hoffman, a 14-year-old freshman in his first year attending Reynolds High School. A teacher who was hurt in the Troutdale shooting, Todd Rispler, had one bullet graze his side, but was able to reach the main office in order to call for emergency help and alert other school officials so the building could be put on lockdown.

Now, notes News Max in their coverage update, police are saying how integral Mr. Rispler’s role was in saving lives and preventing an even more devastating massacre from occurring at the Oregon educational institution.

"I cannot emphasize enough the role Mr. Rispler played," Anderson told reporters at a press conference. He added that the makeshift alert and the police crew's immediate response to the threat prevented what may very well have become a full-blown massacre.

According to the crime report filed by local authorities, Jared Michael Padgett had managed to sneak the guns and knife through the Troutdale school’s security measures by hiding the weapons in a duffel bag and guitar case he had brought on the bus that day. Students who were familiar with Padgett said that he was a relatively quiet kid who did not have many friends, was incredibly organized, and was not visibly upset the day of the tragic shooting.

"A few of our friends asked what was in the bag. He said it was a stand for his uniforms and said he had sports gear," said Jose Garcia, who had known the student for a number of years.

The weapons themselves were said to have been procured from Padgett’s home. Although they had been secured, the 15-year-old gunman had still been able to secure them the day of the shooting. His reported items included a knife, handgun, and a rifle with nine ammunition magazines at the ready. The Troutdale shooting itself took place in the locker room and adjacent gymnasium of Reynolds High School.

Following the Hoffman being shot, Padgett was said to have met a pair of officers in the hallway. The 15-year-old boy escaped to a nearby bathroom, where he shot and killed himself. The remainder of the details surrounding this tragedy is still ongoing.

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