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Troutdale shooting: 15 y/o gunman in Oregon school tragedy, guns in guitar case

An update to the Troutdale shooting has been made clear this week — the Oregon high school gunman is confirmed to have been a 15-year-old freshman level student at the school. Police have reported that the shooter brought a handgun, a number of magazines full of ammunition, and an assault rifle hidden in his guitar case into the Troutdale area school before the tragedy occurred. The CS Monitor shares this Wednesday, June 11, 2014, that no one noticed anything amiss earlier because the weapons were will hidden in the case and the shooter’s duffel bag on the bus ride to school.

Troutdale shooting, gunman confirmed to be a 15-year-old freshman
Wikimedia Creative Commons

While the tragic incident is still under an official investigation, local Oregon authorities have recently identified the 15-year-old gunman as Jared Michael Padgett. He was said to have come into the boys’ locker room early on Tuesday — not far from the gymnasium — taken out one of the loaded guns, and proceeded to shoot a student. The student was killed, resulting in the only death that came about from the violent attack.

Sadly, these middle and high school shootings (conducted by teens and young students like the 15-year-old suspect, no less) are becoming all too common, it seems. Padgett also shot and injured a teacher that was rushing to the local office in order to warn school administrators and police officials of the gunman threat. It is believed that this brave action managed by teacher Todd Rispler saved a number of lives in the Troutdale shooting tragedy.

While roaming around the hallways, says MSN News through their additional press coverage, the 15-year-old boy was soon spotted by law enforcement officials who made it to the scene. Police engaged in a momentary exchange of gunfire until the boy fled into a nearby bathroom. He was eventually found dead, having shot himself in the head and instantly killed himself.

At this time, shared the police chief in a public statement yesterday, there has been no connection made between 15-year-old Padgett and his one fatal victim, Emilio Hoffman. Hoffman was only 14 years old, a freshman student at the Oregon high school, and died in the Troutdale shooting. Had there been any motive by the teen killer, it has not been divulged at this point in time. It appears that the guns were acquired at the young shooter’s home.

"The shooter obtained the weapons from his family home," a police spokesman verified. "The weapons had been secured, but he defeated the security measures."

Students who remember Padgett said he was very quiet and organized. They also remembered him as having a strange obsession with guns. It was not mentioned whether he played the guitar or not, or whether the teen only brought the guitar case in that morning in order to hide his deadly weapons. The Troutdale, Oregon, community is still in shock and mourning over the one death and the senseless, violent ordeal.

"He was one of those organized people who liked order, liked everything to be really perfect," said one 16-year-old witness and acquaintance with the shooter.

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