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'Trouble in River City' on sale as March Craziness continues into April

"Trouble in River City" collects four procedural crime novels by Frank Zafiro.
"Trouble in River City" collects four procedural crime novels by Frank Zafiro.

On Friday, April 4, Spokane-area crime fiction author Frank Zafiro announced on his Facebook page and his Twitter feed that his four-book collection "Trouble in River City" is on sale as part of his ongoing March Craziness book promotion event.

According to Zafiro, "Trouble in River City is now only 99 cents (and slowly climbing). This book contains all four River City crime novels collected into one volume. Regularly $9.99!"

"Trouble in River City" is an Amazon ebook anthology collecting the River City novels in the Kindle format. The books are set in an alternate universe version of Spokane where some of the street names and other details are different and the city is populated by ruthless Russian gangsters, disgraced mafia bosses and other colorful characters.

The collection includes Kindle editions of his novels "Under a Raging Moon", "Heroes Often Fail", "Beneath a Weeping Sky" and "And Every Man Has to Die." Zafiro has written several other novels and numerous short stories set in River City, but these four books form the core of the series.

"Under a Raging Moon" introduces a large cast of police officers operating in River City as Stefan Kopriva, Katie MacLeod, Thomas Chisolm and other characters who became fan favorites try to track down a serial robber. "Heroes Often Fail" deals with the abduction of a young girl and how the city reacts during the ongoing search for her. In "Beneath a Weeping Sky", Katie MacLeod confronts feelings from her past as she tries to help catch a serial rapist. "And Every Man Has to Die" chronicles the rise of a Russian gangster as he attempts to seize control of River City.

According to the product description on Amazon, "This series follows the same ensemble cast of police officers and detectives as they face the challenges of the criminal world, the police world and their own personal world. ... Read over 350,000 words of suspense, mystery, action, procedure and heart in this single volume of all four novels in the River City crime series!"

Kindle owners in the greater Spokane area who want to learn more about Zafiro, his published works and March Craziness should check out the updates on Zafiro's official website. His site features free samples of his books, more details about the novels included in "Trouble in River City", a feature about him that originally aired on Spokane's KXLY and other items of interest.

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