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Trouble is the Democrats have become the Obama Party

Awaken one day to discover that midterm elections are just around the corner, and that your party’s chances of holding on are about as bad as gaining seats. It’s looking bad. Why should this be happening? After all, the economy has regained a new equilibrium. The war in Afghanistan is ending, even if there is a raw deal in the Taliban swap. Who’s in charge here?


Well, voters are supposed to be in charge, right? It begins with being in charge of your political party. Do you like your local government, city, county, and state? Who are your elected officials? Are they best representing and attending to your needs? Are they represented by one or more political parties?

If you are a Democrat, the chances are that you have received thousands of correspondence, messages from Obama and the Organization for America. If you have made donations to them, or if you have donated to your Senator or Congressional Representative, you will have heard from them. They all ask for money to accomplish the things for which you elected them. It is payola: “the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a particular product or interest.”

Anyway, President Obama is marching to his own drummer, and probably has been for quite some time. It isn’t his party’s band to which he is marching, it is his own troop. His party has been marched into battles along the way, wounded each time by incompetence, poor staffing assignments, undone legislation, and his evasive management approach.

The Democrats have Deborah Wasserman Schultz at the head, but she is stuck on Obama while the party needs a new leader. The leader in waiting is Hillary, but everytime that she comes onto the stage, there he is, President Obama. There can only be one President at a time, but there can be more than one Presidential candidate at a time. Hillary has a unique advantage because she is her party’s first choice. However, they must somehow move Barack Obama off the stage and out of the contest.

Obama has become a political liability.

Hillary Clinton’s challenge: Her relationship with President Obama


In private meetings and public statements ahead of her book’s publication, Hillary Clinton and her allies have presented a united front with President Barack Obama, highlighting their transition from campaign rivals to Cabinet confidants.
Yet in the weeks before her memoir, “Hard Choices,” hits the shelves, news accounts have detailed instances of substantive foreign policy disagreements between the two while she was secretary of state – from the Russian reset to Syria to the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

Clinton’s relationship with Obama presents a delicate challenge for the former secretary of state as she rolls out her book this week and potentially a presidential campaign months from now. She does not want to appear disloyal to her former boss but could use some separation given his anemic poll numbers. She’d have to have Obama supporters enthusiastically on board a presidential campaign, while fending off Republican attempts to depict her as representing a third Obama term.”

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