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Trophy list further supports 'Beyond: Two Souls' PS4 rumors

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Expanding upon a rumor that surfaced back in July, the trophy hunter database, Exophase, posted a list of trophies yesterday, Sep 1, that hint of a PS4 port of Quantic Dream's "Beyond: Two Souls". Suggestions of a port of the warmly received PS3 title surfaced when two German retail sites, Alcom and World of Games, listed a director's cut. When approached by GameSpot, Sony stated that it "does not comment on rumor and speculation".

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If said rumor is true, "Beyond: Two Souls" will be the second first-party title to find itself remastered and rereleased on Sony's next-gen console, following on the heals of Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed "The Last of Us". Would it make sense for Sony to bother with a director's cut of David Cage's latest bloated game? The numbers don't seem to support it.

With a Metacritic average of 70, it took "Beyond" nearly three months to sell 1 million copies worldwide, where "The Last of Us", with its 95 average metascore, sold 1.3 million units across the globe in its first week. Reviews of "Beyond" praised the acting prowesses of Willem DaFoe and Ellen Paige, but claim that the gameplay mechanics weigh heavy against the title's few pros. One site, The Spirit of Gaming, summed up its review by stating "['Beyond'] wants so bad to be something more than a [quick-time event] ridden slog, but is never able to break that threshold of what quickly becomes ordinary and painstakingly wearisome".

Seeing as how the game's disjointed narrative was a good source of most negative comments, a director's cut would give Quantic Dream the chance to restructure how Jodie's story is told. If a remastered version of "Beyond: Two Souls" is on the horizon, what would you like to come out of it?

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