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Trophy game hunter cheerleader restores deleted photos to Facebook via Fox News

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According to, Kendall Jones, the Texas Tech student shared a Fox News Channel "Fox and Friends" montage on her Facebook page late Thursday capturing even more criticism of her trophy kills from Africa of wild animals. Earlier in the day, Facebook removed the photos for violating their Terms of Service stating:

"reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse."

Facebook declined to comment why the montage has been permitted on Facebook again.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stated Jones' "only interest in slaughtering wildlife is for a cheap thrill in a desperate quest to secure a macabre reality show." On the organization's Facebook page over artist's Larry Torro's picture of a lion standing on top of a human the animal successfully hunted, the caption stated:

"Hunting is NOT a sport. It takes NO courage to stalk & kill innocent animals, & you don’t see THEM doing THIS. CC: Kendall Jones"

According to an online poll by, public opinion isn't feeling all warm and cozy about Jones' father insisting that his only child killed the lion as a mercy kill because the senior cat could no longer keep up the pace. He also stated that his daughter doesn't kill any animals on the endangered list.

Meanwhile an online petition to Facebook asking for the removal of the photographs, now once up again and offensive to many, has grown to over 260,000 signatures.

And in case you are interested, the online poll stated:

"She's horrible 79%

She's a humanitarian 16%

She's hot 4%"

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