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Troopers honored for helping Michigan woman find dog after vehicle accident

Seamus ran more than 4 miles after escaping wrecked vehicle
Seamus ran more than 4 miles after escaping wrecked vehicle
Abbye Klamann

Two Michigan State Police troopers are credited with helping find a beloved family dog after a car accident, Michigan LIVE News reported January 27.

It was on an icy road on January 6 in Ypsilanti Township that things went very wrong. On the coldest night of the year, Abbye Klamann was trying to pick up a friend stranded at the airport after a canceled flight.

First was the temperature. The temperature outside hovered at 15 degrees, with a wind chill of -40 degrees. Abbye hit a patch of black ice and lost control of her 2004 Toyota Tundra and hit the eastbound I-94 medium near Wiard Road.

Things were looking bad. It was 11:20 p.m. on an icy road when the accident occurred. The airbags deployed, and Abbye's dog Seamus, who had gone along for the ride, got thrown around inside the vehicle.

Enter Trooper Anthony Young, who responded to the accident and reassured Abbye he'd remain with her until a tow truck arrived. They waited on the side of the interstate, with Trooper Young helping direct traffic around the accident.

The tow truck driver arrived and was concerned what to do with Seamus. He's a 50 pound hound mix and the driver was wary about allowing Seamus inside his truck. It was agreed to keep the dog in the Tundra for safety reasons.

Abbye even warned the tow truck driver that her dog was skittish after the accident. Unfortunately, he opened the door to the wrecked vehicle, giving Seamus the opportunity to escape. Abbye stated to MLIVE News

“He’s a runner, so he was off

The rest plays out like an action movie. Seamus, leash attached, ran along the medium on the freeway. A fast-thinking Young took off in his patrol car, driving alongside the frightened dog so he couldn't run into oncoming traffic.

Klamann said she started trying to run after Seamus while Young immediately moved into action. Seamus was running along the median, so Young drove his patrol car alongside the dog so he wouldn't run across the highway into traffic.

It was then when Seamus jumped across the hood of the patrol car, crossed the freeway and ran into the woods. By this time everyone, including Trooper Young, was on a wild chase after the terrified dog.

Young located the spot where Seamus entered the woods, and Abbye told the officer she was going into the woods after her dog, so Young followed along.

By this time Young's partner, Trooper Patrick Gallagher, had joined in the search. Eventually they ended up in someone's back yard. The residents came outside when they heard the group calling out for the lost dog.

So now this one small accident has turned into a search party out looking for one lost dog.

Seamus was found less than an hour later after traveling more than four miles from the crash site. The dog suffered from cracking and bleeding paws, mostly caused from the cold, but was otherwise unharmed.

Trooper Gallagher retrieved everyone and took them back to the site of the wreck.

Seamus has spent some much-deserved time in bed recovering from his adventure.

Abbye has already sent a letter to the director of the Michigan State Police thanking him for having such kind men employed by the State Police. Governor Rick Snyder personally recognized the troopers on January 28, thanking them for their service.

Abbye only now realizes how lucky she and Seamus were. After the ordeal had ended, a friend told her she was fortunate that the troopers who responded to her accident were dog lovers.

Here's their Facebook page, for those of you who want to thank them for taking the time to help.

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