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Trooper: Upstate puppy found half frozen continues to heal

Trooper continues to flourish under the care of Abby's Animal Angels
Trooper continues to flourish under the care of Abby's Animal Angels
Facebook: Abby's Animal Angels

The 5-week-old puppy found half frozen in upstate South Carolina is still fighting for his life, Abby's Animal Angels Facebook page reported January 26.

Trooper, whose Examiner article can be found here, has come a long way since his rescue back in early January.

This sweet little guy is still undergoing treatment for the many medical problems he faces, including a staph infection, vision loss and demodex mange. Trooper has fought through all of this, and continues to show his will to live in everything he does.

Trooper has a lot of toys, many provided by those who heard the story of this miracle puppy. He's eating well and sees a vet on a weekly basis.

Trooper must also undergo medicated baths every other day, and will be seeing a specialist about his vision after his skin issues clear up. It's unknown at this time just how severe his vision loss may be.

He's also on several medications, as well as probiotics. Demodex mange is often caused by stress or immunodeficiency.

Meanwhile, all of this takes money. Abby's Animal Angels has a GoFundMe account set up for Trooper here. More than $1,200 of a $1,500 goal has been raised.

Please continue to support Abby's Animal Angels, as they're known for taking the toughest of cases in upstate South Carolina. Their rescue is successful in part because they know the animal lovers who support them will come through with funds necessary to treat even the most serious injuries..

Please share Trooper's update with friends, and donate if you can. This little guy is definitely a miracle puppy.

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