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Tromokratis from 'Born of the Gods' revealed

Tromokratis from "Born of the Gods"
Wizards of the Coast

Tromokratis is one of the newest "Born of the Gods" spoilers revealed today Jan 15, 2014 in a tweet by Brian Trunk. This rare blue legendary Kraken creature can either devastate your opponent's side of the battlefield or quickly take out your adversary.

Tromokratis - 5UU
Legendary Creature - Kraken (Rare)
Tromokratis has hexproof unless it's attacking or blocking.
Tromokratis can't be blocked unless all creatures defending player controls block it. (If any creature that player controls doesn't block this creature, it can't be blocked.)

The most important thing to realize about Tromokratis is that it specifies "all creatures," which mean if one of your opponent's threats is tapped from attacking you then Tromokratis won't be able to be blocked.

Abusing Tromokratis is simple, with effects that allow you to tap your enemy's permanents such as Ral Zarek or Tidebinder Mage. One neat trick for a budget deck which will allow you to set up an unblockable Tromokratis is by playing with Wall of Frost. After you block your opponent's attack you'll be able to cast Tromokratis on your turn. When you pass back to your opponent their creature will remain tapped, letting you attack with an unblockable Tromokratis on your next turn.

How will you use Tromokratis?

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