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Troll trope: How can libertarians sleep at night?

The website Libertarian Money got a troll letter that asked how libertarians can sleep at night "knowing the people you could hurt with the [expletive deleted] you write?" meaning that libertarians don't care about poor people who have no other option but to live off of their government benefits.

Just as we have always suspected: Trolls on the keyboard!

The writer is what the self-identified troll-written Urban Dictionary defines as a tunnel-vision-retard ("A person with a one track mind, lack of focus and intelligence.") or in this case a person who believes that the way society works right now is the only possible reality in the entire history of the world.

This is the closed, unimaginative thought process that whines "If government doesn't feed the poor nobody will," the same mindset that incessantly moans, "If government doesn't build the roads nobody will."

Just for fun, since it will have no measurable effect on the troll-brained anyway, Libertarian News Examiner offered this response:

Notice how virtually everyone who takes this line of attack never says "How can you sleep at night knowing that the criminal politicians rob people under the threat of prosecution and imprisonment so they can take money from people who have earned it in the form of taxes and give it to those poor people for the purpose of buying their votes while skimming some of that money into their own bank accounts?"

They always seem to use selective emotionalism – the poor are eternally portrayed as victims, the robber-baron politicians are always portrayed as heroes, and the true victims, those who earn their own way in life, are treated as criminals.

The answer to these people is this: If YOU care about the poor so much what are YOU doing for them? In a free-market libertarian society YOU and millions who feel the same as YOU do would establish a multitude of voluntary mutual aid societies, charities, benefit organizations, neighborhood support groups, and on and on and on, and nobody would stop you from working, donating, assisting, contributing to everyone you can. And as a matter of fact huge numbers of libertarians would join YOU in YOUR efforts because libertarians are individuals and care as much as YOU do about the truly needy.

But what YOU do in today's society is sit on your ass, complain, help elect greedy corrupt politicians to office, demand that others solve a problem YOU see, and otherwise do nothing.

So how do YOU sleep at night?

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