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'Trojan Horse' plot to implement Sharia teachings in public schools exposed

A Muslim woman and her child
A Muslim woman and her child
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A report from the UK Telegraph has exposed a sinister plot by Muslims to take over public schools in Great Britain and teach Sharia Law. The “Trojan horse” plot intended to slowly remove traditional teachings from schools and instead implement Muslim beliefs in their place, and an investigation found that it’s been underway for some time now.

The investigation into Birmingham schools found that a radical group of Muslims had infiltrated some of the schools and began to teach hardline Islamist fundamentals while driving out moderate teachers, even segregating the classes with boys in the front and girls in the back and doing away completely with sex education and other courses that didn’t conform with the beliefs. The investigation was launched after Department of Education officials received a letter titled “Trojan Horse” that outlined the plans for the takeover. The letter wasn’t signed, but it claimed that a small but radical group of Muslims was pursuing their own agenda in the classrooms and forcing out teachers and administrators who were against the plot.

Investigators found that in Park View School girls were forced to sit on the outsides and in the back of classrooms and only boys were allowed seats in the front. Officials from the school had previously claimed that the segregation was voluntary, however testimony from the students proved otherwise and they said they were forced to sit in that manner, with some subjects even being taught in completely separate rooms. One of the regular speakers at the school was a known al Qaeda sympathizer, Shiekh Shady al-Suleiman, who believes that gay people should be stoned to death and regularly espoused anti-sematic views.

At Park View’s sister school, Golden Hillock, things were even worse. Five Christian students in 11th grade were forced to “teach themselves” religious education because the teacher would only give their time “to the students who are doing the Islamic course.”

In addition, any subject or discussions having to do with sexual orientation or intimacy was completely banned, which severely restricted the lesson structures of biology, the arts, science and literature classes. This also meant that all lessons pertaining to the body structure and menstrual cycles were completely banned due to the fact that “Muslims are not allowed to study matters such as reproduction with the opposite sex.”

Even with all of these restrictions students were forced to take Arabic lessons while being heavily encouraged to begin each lesson in prayer and close it in prayer. The loudspeakers in the school were also used daily to call the students to pray, as is often done in Islamic cities.

It’s no secret that radical Muslims continually try to infiltrate areas of public life in order to force others to convert to their religion. In fact here in America the Muslim Brotherhood has started a political party in order to engage in policy decisions and sway elections one way or another.

It’s hard to believe that what happened in the UK won’t be happening here shortly. It’s just unfortunate that in our politically correct world that we’re not allowed to call things for what they are and instead we must wait until it’s too late to take action, if we’re ever even allowed to.

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