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Trivia! Geeks Who Drink all throughout Denver

For every geek
For every geek
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So let’s say you (sadly) don’t feel like going to a show lately, but you still want to go out and have a fun night in Denver. What better way to do that then to go to a bar and play trivia? It’s always fun, brings you and your friends together and you learn more about each other in the mean time. Though trivia is usually always structured the same, not every trivia game is for us geeks who probably spend too much time on the internet and know way too many useless facts.

For those of us that pick up strange information everywhere from TV to the internet, there is Geeks Who Drink. Spread out over Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Washington and Virginia, Geeks Who Drink is a different kind of trivia with questions based off of current events and media as well as common knowledge and history.

Hosted by two fellow geeks, the trivia rounds are usually around two hours long and happen almost every night at bars around Denver. The questions are always unique to each night and there are bonus rounds for free pints of beer. You really can’t lose because even if you don’t win, your inner geek can pick up more facts to tell at parties.

Visit Geeks Who Drink and for more information.