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Trivento Amado Sur 2012

Seek out a meal with beef.

Trivento’s Amado Sur is a unique red blend from the foothills of the Andean Mountains in Argentina. So what sets this apart from the many and varied blends to hit our shelves the last few years? The grape varietals, the foundation of this wine is Malbec which makes up 70% of the blend, with the little known Bonarda providing 18% and Syrah filling in the last 12%, definitely not your typical mix of grapes found on our shelves. Does it work? In a word, yes, as the back label claims this is a “complex and elegant” wine.

An impenetrable color that is tinged purplish red around the edge moves you into a layered bouquet of cherry, blackberry and a hint of Concord grape juice in the end. Those levels of aroma carry forward into a palate that unfolds in a progression that makes it easy to ignore the lack of balance in the short open, mild finish and dominant mid palate. The opening black sweet cherry moves into blackberry fruit supported by earth and clove at the end. This is not a big and heavy wine and it will not overpower your nose or your taste buds, so take time to savor and extract the layering it contains, however, beware of the long lasting and lively tannins that fill your mouth from start to finish. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are not harsh or aggressive, just evident and the way they wrap around the fruit and spice shows a sense of craft in the winemaking.

While the 2012 Amado Sur may not fit everyone’s idea of a standalone sipping wine for those who like red wine and meat this is a great, easy drinker that will take second place to no one at a meal built around beef. Look for it on your restaurant wine list or special order some from your favorite wine store, better yet, if you happen to be gathering family and friends at a Churrascaria this wine is one you should ask for. There are few other choices that will match the variety of meats and other foods you will find in a Brazilian Steakhouse to the degree Amado Sur will. While the suggested retail price of $15 is a little higher than most of the wines reviewed in this space it is not too much to pay for this little gem. Pick it up and enhance your meal.

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