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Tristan Emmanuel bashes 'Bill-Asphemy' & 'predictable Christian compromise'

Tristaliban Emmanuel

In an April 2, 2014 column for BarbWire, Tristan Emmanuel, who had last week expressed his outrage at Bill Maher's "Bill-asphemy" by calling for the reinstatement of blasphemy laws in the United States, follows up with the next logical step: Throwing a massive temper tantrum at all of his critics.

I expect godless people to behave in a reprehensible manner. And true to form a legion of atheists unleashed a tirade of hate mail in an effort to intimidate me because of last week’s column. Laughably they all insisted— while calling me every derogatory name possible — that they are the defenders of free speech. Their insatiable lust to slander and spread slurs prove only one point: They are children of the Devil who also slanders the people of God.

Again, Emmanuel argued for a reinstatement of blasphemy laws — one of the greatest conceivable insults to free speech possible.

As expected, Emmanuel clearly considers freedom of speech to be a right exclusive to the American Taliban.

Emmanuel proceeds to insist that he "did not condone or advocate for the physical torture of Bill-asphemous Maher." Which is only sort of true in that, while he didn't state it in plain English, he did insist that "a day of reckoning is coming" because America doesn't do that sort of thing anymore.

It's a threat he is perfectly comfortable making all over again:

At any rate you so-called Christians helped to prove my point perfectly. You do not care about God’s honour and yet you have the audacity to call yourselves Christians. Therefore I say again, America, and especially American Evangelicalism, is hanging on by a thin thread. Don't be surprised if God sends an unlikely candidate to judge your lawless society. Just like he used the Babylonians in the past to judge apostate Israel, I don't doubt for a monument that he will use a twisted distortion of Old Testament law — sharia law — to teach mealy-mouthed Americans what happens when you reject His righteous rule and law.

Emmanuel's choice of the word "lawless" is especially telling (and especially hilarious). Nothing says "American Taliban" like kicking and screaming that your interpretation of the law is the only way to interpret the law.

It also did obviously did not occur to him to think that, were the blasphemy laws he calls for in effect and perfectly balanced to respect all religions, his own referral to Sharia law as a "twisted distortion of Old Testament" would also qualify as such.

This is the ultimate fallacy of all American Taliban rhetoric. Emmanuel will never be able to explain why it is okay for him to attack other religions while demanding punishment for any who questions his own without admitting to being either a hypocrite or a theocrat.

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