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Trista Sutter's Love Tips

Trista Sutter is well known from the reality TV show The Bachelor. She went through her share of heartbreak and speaks out on love and relationships.

Sutter believes that the most important thing about marriage is to keep the romance and relationship alive. Know that relationships take hard work and try to keep it together.

She explains that when you are looking for love to put yourself out there. Go on as many different dates as you possible can. Give different guys a shot and sooner or later you will find the one.

She explains that when breaking up it is important to let yourself get sad but to pick yourself up quickly. Don't let yourself mourn day after day. After you mourn get back up again. Break ups are knowing what you want and not settling for less. Keep putting yourself out there and go after what you want and deserve.

Trista Sutter has had both public and private breakups. She was dumped on national tv when Alex star of The Bachelor broke her heart. She was embarrassed but she picked herself up. She know recently found love and she speaks out about; marriage, finding the one and surviving breakups. She keeps on stating that it is important to keep putting yourself out there no matter how many times you get knocked down and to put yourself first.

Love is out there and relationships aren't easy. It's about getting through the tough moments and making it work. In any relationship it is important that one does not settle for less. When you get knocked down it is important to get right back up again and go after what you want. Love is out there and sometimes you have to go through a lot of heartbreak before you meet the one who will make you feel amazing.

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