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Tripp Halstead-the boy who will touch your heart

Tripps Recovery
Tripps Recovery
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Bill and Stacy Halstead got married in 2007 and decided right away to get pregnant. They tried month after month and each time, became disappointed. They finally went to fertility clinic and with their help, nine months later, Tripp was born. He was a perfectly healthy baby. After trying for another child, and having a miscarriage, Stacy knew then that Tripp would be his only child.

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Stacy and Bill loved and cared for Tripp as much as they could, but nothing could have prepared from what to come. It was October 29th, 2012. It just around the time hurricane Sandy was looming above. With the high winds and giant tree brand from high above fell and hit Tripp in the head, crushing his skull into many pieces.

Once at the hospital, doctors informed Bill and Stacy that even though he does not have any cuts or scratches and in Stacy’s words “he looked perfect” but was told he was in very poor shape and could possibly die.

With Tripp being their only child, they would ever have, they prayed very hard that Tripp would survive and be ok. After 5 months in the hospital and scare of him taking a turn for the worse, Bill and Stacy said their goodbyes and all of sudden he began to pull through and recover.

The Hallstead’s began organizations to raise money for Tripp’s cause, and even put up a website called

Tripp even has a Facebook page where you can find

The family updates often with pictures and videos. Be sure to check out these sites to find out more on how to help and watch him and his see his remarkable recovery.

Tripp has made amazing strides in a year a half; each new update Tripp is doing something new. Check out the sites to find out more.