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Triplets, cancer, and a husband's love

David, Antonia, Lukaš, Bronte, and Aiden
David, Antonia, Lukaš, Bronte, and Aiden
Courtesy of Broadwell Family

David and Antonia Broadwell of Potomac Falls, Virginia were thrilled with the arrival of their triplets, Lukaš, Bronte, and Aiden in July 2008. As they watched their children grow, their days were filled with hope for the future. That hope soon turned to anguish when Antonia, 32, was diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in May 2009. Antonia has a tumor above her heart (about the size of an orange) that is categorized as high-grade. The tumor is cutting off blood flow to her heart, and is inoperable due to its location.

Antonia has endured chemo treatments over the past year, and the couple has given up their home and car to pay for the medical bills to fight Antonia’s disease. Through it all, Antonia’s one wish is to be close to her family in Slovakia as she deals with her cancer, and to have the security of knowing that her children will be raised surrounded by her parents, brother, grandparents, and Godparents.

Antonia’s parents gave David and Antonia a small piece of land next to them in Slovakia to build a house on, with all the work being done by David, and Antonia’s father and brother. This plot of land has become David’s and Antonia’s new “hope” for the future. At the end of this month, the family of five will move to Slovakia and begin the process of building their home – a home that Antonia calls her “small peaceful corner of the world close to her family.”

The concept is truly noble yet the cost of building a house from the ground up in Slovakia is around $75,000. By doing the work themselves, the family intends to complete the house for $50,000. However, after all the medical bills of the past year, the couple simply doesn’t have the funds to complete the project. They reached out to Habitat for Humanity hoping they could provide some assistance, but their application was denied twice.

David has created a web page to raise awareness about their family’s situation, and hopes that the multiple-birth community will rise up and support him and Antonia as they begin the “barn raising” of their Slovak home. David plans to update their web site with photos of the home-building progress, and Antonia plans to keep a diary of their daily life in Slovakia as they raise triplets and just live.

David’s main focus is on Antonia and fulfilling her wish to live near her family. According to David, he wants to provide a place “where a beautiful young woman called Antonia can close her eyes at night and know her children will be safe and secure surrounded by the closeness of family for years to come.”

To date, the Broadwell’s have raised $9,300 of the $50,000 goal needed to build Antonia’s home of hope. Please consider making a difference in this family’s lives, and helping David fulfill Antonia’s wish. Donations can be made visiting their website and clicking on the PayPal link, or via mail at:

David Broadwell
5 Glengyle Lane
Potomac Falls, VA 20165

Note: After March 30th, you can send donations to 2 Glenygle Court, Potomac Falls, VA 20165. This address belongs to their neighbor.

You can get updates about Antonia and the Broadwell’s fundraising efforts on their website.

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