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Triple Step Towards the Cure celebrating 2nd annual Triple Negative Day

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Stepping out to help fund a cure and raise awareness for triple negative breast cancer, Triple Step Toward the Cure announces their participation in the second annual Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day on 3-3-14. Their "Pins for a Purpose" campaign will call for supporters across the globe to bring awareness to this rare subtype of breast cancer by buying and wearing Triple Step's symbolic "high heel" awareness pins on this special day.

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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day was created in 2013 by the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation to increase awareness about triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and the critical need to find targeted treatments for those diagnosed with this aggressive breast cancer subtype.

"This very simple yet powerful campaign will raise awareness and funding for TNBC patients. The recent strides we have seen in breast cancer research are very encouraging but we want to shed light on this particular subtype. I believe this campaign is a fun way to do that," says Lori Flowers, Cofounder and CEO of Triple Step Toward the Cure.(R)

Triple negative is a subtype of breast cancer that lacks three important receptors-known as estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) or Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2 (HER-2/neu)-shown to fuel most breast cancers and are used for treatment.

Testing negative for all three of these hormone receptors means the cancer is triple negative. Triple negative breast cancer does not respond to hormone treatments, making chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery the current main options for survival.

Triple Step Toward the Cure is asking supporters to participate by liking them on Facebook and on Instagram and wearing their awareness pin and placing the photo as their profile picture on 3-3-14.

Awareness pins can be purchased on their website. "The proceeds from the sale of this pin will help us continue programs that provide services ranging from financial aid for rent, transportation, groceries, and childcare to assistance locating clinical trials and quality medical care," says Flowers.

By adding the hashtags #pins4apurpose, #tnbcday, #3314, and #Triplestep4cure, supporters can also see their photos posted on the official Triple Step Toward the Cure Instagram and Facebook page.

For more information and complete "Pins for a purpose" campaign details visit Triple Step Toward the Cure(R).