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Triple Chocolate Texas Bread Pudding. Say it three times fast.

Triple Chocolate Texas Bread Pudding at Swine
Triple Chocolate Texas Bread Pudding at Swine

Max Santiago, the Executive Pastry Chef (well, more like an artist) at Swine has done it again. He has concocted this delicious warm and chocolaty dish that will satisfy your sweet tooth but at the same time leave you wanting for more.

Everything in this dessert makes sense... it is a harmony of flavors and textures that are very familiar but at the same time innovative. Chef Max took the good ol' bread pudding and elevated it to make it shine. He uses Texas toast as the base, and mixes it with dark chocolate, espresso and when you cut into it, you see small chunks of cream cheese floating through the bread pudding that brings creaminess and an unexpected salty/tangy bite to the dish. To pair it up, he lays a generous scoop of the homemade coffee ice cream on the other side of the plate, and to marry these two components he created this "chocolate dirt" road where the smoke citrus bites rest on top. Again, very familiar flavors with a masterful execution that will make you think that you are eating something completely different than chocolate bread pudding.

Needless to say, this dessert is a home-run and incredibly popular with the guests at this Coral Gables restaurant, be sure to make room for it after your meal.