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Trip Lee is back and Twitter is going nuts!

Trip Lee Performing
Trip Lee Performing
Photo by Rick Diamond

After stepping away from the music industry in order to pursue other areas of ministry Christian Hip Hop artist, Trip Lee, sent the Internet into a frenzy yesterday with an incredibly ambiguous twitter post reading only,

“Coming 2014”

Followed by a link to an equally puzzling Instagram video.

The Instagram teaser left viewers with more questions than answers as to what exactly was being promised for 2014.

Thankfully fans didn’t have to wait too long as Grammy award-winning producer, Alex Medina, immediately followed up with a twitter post of his own; clearing up any uncertainty by stating,

“He's not done. Trip Lee is back! New album, "Rise" coming 2014!”

The twitter hashtag #Coming2014 quickly went viral as fans all over the world went insane upon hearing the news; so it's official, The "I'm Good," rapper is ending his hiatus and making his long awaited return to the music industry!

No official release date for the album has been given yet, although there is speculation that it will drop sometime after September 9th following the release of Lecrae’s “Anomaly”.

Trip Lee’s last studio album, “The Good Life,” made its debut at number 17 on the Billboard charts, giving the artist bragging rights for releasing the 3rd highest charting Christian Hip Hop album of all time.

It has been 2 years since the rapper has given new music to the fans and judging by twitter’s viral response to the upcoming album, It’s safe to assume that “Rise” will be another instant Billboard success.

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