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Trip Advisor lists top movie hotel vacation spots


Image Credit: Mountain Lake Hotel

Have you ever wondered where that beautiful hotel in your favorite movie is located? The hotel rankings and trip planning web site Trip Advisor has just released a list of the top ten hotels out of the movies to stay in. The ranking system is based more how good the hotel is rather than popularity whereas movies are concerned, but these hotels are still great places to capture some movie magic for yourself. Here is the list of the top ten and what these hotels are famed for.

10. Mountain Lake Hotel in Pembroke, Virginia
If you're a big fan of Dirty Dancing, this is the hotel for you to stay in. The Mountain Lake Hotel was the site where the famed movie starring Patrick Swayze was filmed. The hotel often advertises itself as "The Real Kellerman's Mountain Resort" and thrives on the tourism this fact brings. The Hotel features a "Dirty Dancing Weekend" where fans can relive the movie magic as well as a Patrick Swayze Memorial.
9. Timberline Lodge in Timerbline Lodge, Oregon
A classic ski lodge built atop the beautiful Mount Hood, audiences and fans will most likely remember Timberline Hotel as the Overlook Hotel, the setting for the movie The Shining. Ironically, the real hotel that novelist Stephen Kingwrote about was as the foot of the Rocky Mountains: the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The ghost lore from this original hotel was centered around the Timberline in the film. If you want to get into the creepy Stephen King spirit, you're probably better off going to the Stanley, which offers ghost tours.
8. The Fountainebleau in Miami Beach, Flordia
One of the most luxurious hotels on the Gold Coast of Miama, the Fountainebleau is filled with history and amazing archetecture. The hotel has been featured in the James Bond film Goldfinger, the Frank Sinatra film A Hole in the Head, The Belly Boy starring Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as Police Academy 5, Go For It, The Bodyguard, The Specialist, and is referenced in the Woody Allen film Bananas.

Image Credit: The Beverly Wilshire
7. The Roosevelt Hotel in New York
Not to be confused of the similarly luxurious and popular hotel of the same name in L.A., the Roosevelt in New York is located in posh Manhattan. Known as "Grand Dame of Madison Avenue," the hotel was built in 1924 and retains much of its Roaring Twenties personality. Several films shot in the Roosevelt include The Boiler Room, Wall Street, Quiz Show, Presumed Innocent, Malcolm X, Monday Night Mayhem, The French Connection, Hanky Panky, Maid in Manhattan, The Hoax and 1408.
6. The Renaissance St. Louis Hotel Airport in St. Louis, Missouri
Most people wouldn't think that the Renaissance St. Louis Hotel Airport is anything other than just a really nice hotel in the middle of Missouri, but this swanky hotel, where the airport noise is at a minimum, has some movie history behind it. If you're a big fan of the recent hit Up in the Air, this would be a great hotel for you to stay in. Who knows? You might even get George Clooney's old room!
5. The Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills
Its no wonder that the Beverly Wilshire should have tons of film history. It is mere walking distance from the famed Rodeo Drive as well as has all of that old Hollywood glamour about it. Built in 1928, tons of movie stars have stayed here over the years, though the hotel is probably now most famous as the setting for the movies Pretty Woman, Beverly Hills Cop and Bulworth.

Image Credit: The Plaza Hotel 

4. Millenium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles

 Another hotel in L.A., this Millenium Biltmore was opened in 1923, then having the claim to fame as the largest hotel west of Chicago. Since then, the hotel has been featured in over 100 films, including Chinatown, A Star is Born, Splash, Bachelor Party, Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, True Lies, Independence Day, Blow; Ocean's 11, The Nutty Professor, Bugsy, Blue Streak, In the Line of Fire, Wedding Crashers, The Italian Job, Daredevil, National Treasure, Spider-man, and Prom Night. Casts from films such as Spiderman, Wedding Crashers, Dreamgirls and Pretty in Pink have also stayed in this hotel during filming.
3. The Plaza in New York
One of New York's most famous hotels, it is no wonder the Plaza has been the focus of so many films set in the Big Apple. Films set in this hotel include North by NorthwestBarefoot in the Park, Funny Girl, Plaza Suite, The Way We Were, Love at First Bite, Arthur, Cotton Club, Brewster's Millions, the first two Crocodile Dundee movies, Big Business, King of New York, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York , Sleepless in Seattle, It Could Happen to You, Almost Famous, and most recently Bride Wars.

Image Credit: The Fairmont

2. The Bellagio in Las Vegas

This famed casino became internationally known after it was "robbed" in the film Ocean's Eleven and it was later featured in Ocean's Thirteen. Other Vegas-themed films have also been shot in the Bellagio, including Lucky You, 21, and 2012.
1. The Fairmont in San Francisco
Completed before the famed earthquake in 1906, this hotel managed to survive and has gone on to have an illustrious history. Like The Plaza, the first flim shot in this hotel was a Hitchcock, this time Vertigo. Since then, many other films have been shot in the Fairmont, including Petulia, Towering Inferno, Sudden Impact, Junior and The Rock.
So, next time you find yourselves in one of these locations, check out this hotels that you've seen before on the movie screen.


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