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Trion Worlds CEO encourages fan-made videos

Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds, released a statement about the thousands of "Let's Play" videos found on YouTube. Many people who make these videos worry about International copyright law. When asked if he approved of these videos, the Trion Worlds CEO answered with an emphatic yes.

Video game media members often use screenshots from their favorite titles. They usually transfer the copyrights back to the company that produced the game. Developers turn a blind eye to this behavior, as the videos provide free advertising for their games. Hartsman went one step further. He encouraged people to make their own videos, and he did not mind people making money from .them

While this statement may seem counter intuitive to people who believe in respecting intellectual property, it is smart from an Internet marketing standpoint. Fan-made videos provide free advertising for many less popular games.

Hartsman represents only one company, but many YouTube users produce fan videos. One gamer, known as the Mighty Jingles, covers World of Tanks and War Thunder. These YouTube users often enjoy celebrity status within the games they cover.

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