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Trion responds to claims that they are copying ‘Minecraft’ for voxel MMO ‘Trove’

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Trion Worlds, creators of several existing MMO franchises such as RIFT and Defiance, are now working on a free-to-play voxel game titled Trove. Anytime a new cube-based title is introduced, many immediately think of Minecraft. Speaking to VG247 on March 10, Trion’s Andrew Krausnick dealt with accusations that the developer is copying Minecraft while also paying homage to the Mojang title for opening up a new style to mainstream gaming.

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Krausnick also stated that, although there are obvious visual similarities between Minecraft and Trove, Trion’s upcoming MMO will be easily differentiated from the former once gamers get to actually play it.

Cubic voxel style games like Minecraft aren’t just a game or two anymore; they’re undeniably a growing genre. Every single one of these games, including Trove, owes a debt to Minecraft for showing how much fun it could be to play with cubes. Once you get into the game, I think you’ll see how different we are.

While Trove will still feature building and creation as can be found within Minecraft, Krausnick explained that their MMO will place a focus on active combat and character progression at its core. This emphasis on RPG elements is where Trion hopes that Trove will be distinguished from Minecraft.

There is currently no scheduled release date for Trove. Gamers can sign up for to be considered to join the game’s alpha test now.

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