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Trinity Spa Products: Just what your mani/pedi needs

Salt scrub and oil from the Trinity Spa Products collection.
Salt scrub and oil from the Trinity Spa Products collection.

If you complete DIY manicures and pedicures, Trinity Spa Products has some great items to instantly enhance your hands and nails. Products from the signature line features lemon and peppermint scented salt scrubs and blended oils.

Salt and sugar scrubs are staple products for completing quality manicures at home. Scrubs gently exfoliate to reveal overall healthier, brighter and more moisturized skin.

Although scrubs are ideal to use all over your body, they are also amazing for manicures and the overall health of your hands, especially when the product is focused on the cuticles. Scrubs are just as important for DIY pedicures and can leave your feet looking and feeling silky smooth.

After using salt scrub, you can follow up by moisturizing even further, with blended oils. Oil can be used not only on your cuticles, hands and feet but also on your body and luckily, it doesn’t stop there.

Trinity Spa Products has two more lines to help maintain healthy nails and skin for everyone. Trinity Spa Pour Homme features a masculine fragranced salt scrub for men and Lil Bubbles, which features Pink Lemonade- a body polish and Peppermint Patticake- a pedi polish for girls.

To learn more about Trinity Spa Products, check the website out HERE.