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Trinity Bicycles hosts group bike ride to Central Market

Arriving at Trinity Bicycles
Arriving at Trinity Bicycles

Over 20 cyclists showed up at 11a.m. to join Trinity Bicycles on their group ride to Central Market today. After a brief announcement about bicycle safety the riders left the shop, and slowly cruised through bicycle friendly streets and neighborhoods. For some people this was their first group ride, others were more experienced. There was only one minor spill and one broken spoke, but everyone was having a good time along the ride.

The group photo after the ride to Cental Market
Jeff McClure

The path started in the Near South Side, cut through the Berkley neighborhood, rolled by the Fort Worth Zoo and Colonial Golf Course, and then zigzagged slightly through the Arlington Heights subdivision. Once at Central Market everyone dismounted and leisurely locked their bikes. There was an hour of shopping through the Mother’s Day crowds and lounging on the outdoor patio. After lunch the riders reassembled, many carrying groceries and some just along for the ride. The ride back seemed a bit quicker paced and everyone did well to keep up and announce the presence of cars. Once they reconvened at the bicycle shop most people lingered about and took time for photos and to refresh.

Trinity Bicycles hopes to host one of these rides every month to raise bicycle commuting awareness in Fort Worth. Because of the delays caused by the red tape involved in opening up any retail store, the shop owner, Bernie, said he’s just going to slowly fill the store with merchandise instead of having a huge grand opening. The shop is now open and although there is still a lot of empty space there are a variety of Kona bicycles, clothing, merchandise, showers, and an up and running repair shop. They will be receiving more Konas on the 13th of May, and some Surly bikes should be arriving soon as well.

Visit Trinity Bicycles online.

View photos from the Central Market group ride:


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